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VGH manufactures and delivers products and solutions from Western Europe to different parts of the world.
These cover own-brand theramer and Interfull shaped and unshaped refractory products produced by the VGH-owned manufacturer theramer, Hattingen, Germany. Furthermore the theramer portfolio comprises refractory materials like for example castables, fluxes, functional ceramics and further products to meet customer-specific requirements. The theramer Quality & Development Centre is situated on the premises of theramer, Hattingen.

For theramer the concept of complete refractory solutions starts with planning and consultancy services, continues to manufacturing customer-specific shaped or unshaped refractory products and culminates in supplying innovative products to cover the needs of the whole steel-making process from the blast furnace to ingot or continuous casting.

theramer not only offers the widest range of high quality refractory products and equipment but also rounds this off with outstanding logistical services. theramer excels in all disciplines and is permanently optimizing its portfolio of products and services to deliver innovative new solutions.

Customers can rely on theramer’s consistently high level of product reliability and quality. To underline this, theramer runs its own Quality & Development Centre, which executes testing and quality assurance of all theramer’s products with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. In the theramer Quality & Development Centre, which is situated on the premises of theramer in Hattingen, Germany, the staff can jointly look back on a wealth of experience in the refractory business, from which not only current products benefit. theramer is using this expertise to innovate for the future and to ensure theramer delivers consistently leading-edge refractory technology.

theramer with the TÜV DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 certified – CERTIFICATE DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

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