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Steel Ladle

Due to a raising demand of high grade steel products secondary refining systems such as the ladle furnace became increasingly important to steel producers to achieve their business goals and strengthen their market position by meeting the specific demands of their customers.

VGH offers various lining concepts and produces and distributes a wide range of high-quality refractory materials such as bricks, unshaped products.
We always ensure to meet our customers specific needs with customized high-quality solutions. Important factors for the lining design are the desired steel quality, as well as the size of the ladle and the expected heating rates.

Depending on the requirements of our customers, we offer both brick linings and monolithic lining designs for the steel ladle.

steel ladle
Brick lining solutions

Brick lining is a reliable and proven lining concept used for steel ladles in many steel plants around the world. The high quality of our bricks is ensured by a state of the art quality management process and the use of only high quality raw materials.
VGH´s brick lining concepts are designed to reliably resist the all stresses commonly accruing during treatment and refining operations in the ladle furnace such as corrosion, oxidation, erosion, mechanical stresses, and thermal shock.

steel ladle
Combined lining solutions

Our combined lining concepts are highly customized and designed by our experienced engineers based on our customer´s specific operating conditions, ladle size and individual requirements.

steel ladle monolithic solution
Monolithic lining solutions

Monolithic steel ladle lining comes with great advantages compared to traditional brick linings. VGH has may years of experience in designing and applying monolithic lining concepts to our customers around the world. The utilization of controlled high-quality raw materials in our manufacturing process in combination with the outstanding expertise of our engineers ensures that our customers can reliably benefit from these advantages.

In particular, the operational advantages of monolithic lining concepts lead to increased cost-efficiency, a key success factor in an increasingly competitive market environment. In addition, the environmental benefits contribute to a more sustainable production process overall and a reduced environmental footprint of steel products.

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