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Hot Metal Transport

The torpedo ladle and hot metal ladle transport the pig iron from the blast furnace to the steel plant. Exceedingly high demands are made not only on the wear lining and the safety lining but also on the insulation in this step of the steel-making process.

Portfolio Overview

  • Fireclay bricks for safety lining
  • Wide range of bricks for wear lining
  • High performance castables
  • Insulation
  • Pre-shaped products such as pig iron treatment lances
Hot Metal Ladle

hot metal ladle

The refractory performance of a hot metal ladle is the result of several combined parameters. The distance the ladle travels in transporting pig iron and the desulfurization process that takes place within the ladle has the most impact on the overall health of the refractories.

Therefore, VGH offers a range of high-quality refractory solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our customers.

Lining Concepts

  • Brick lining concepts
  • Monolithic lining concepts
Monolithic Lining Solutions

Monolithic steel ladle lining comes with great advantages compared to traditional brick linings. VGH has may years of experience in designing and applying monolithic lining solutions to our customers around the world. The utilization of controlled high-quality raw materials in our manufacturing process in combination with the outstanding expertise of our engineers ensures that our customers can reliably benefit from these advantages.

In particular, the operational advantages of monolithic lining concepts lead to increased cost-efficiency, a key success factor in an increasingly competitive market environment. In addition, the environmental benefits contribute to a more sustainable production process overall and a reduced environmental footprint of steel products.

Operational Advantages

  • Increased duration of the ladle campaign
  • Reduced time required for installation
  • Lesser specific consumption of refractories
  • Decrease of specific costs for steel production

Environmental Friendly

  • Castables do not contain any toxic or carcinogenic substances
  • Reduced amount of waste due to the handling of the lining
  • Remaining linings can be recycled
Torpedo Ladle


Thermal shock resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and corrosion resistance are the main requirements that the refractories of a torpedo ladle must provide. When carbon bonded lining material is applied, oxidation resistance also becomes an important factor.

torpedo ladle

Common treatments that can be performed in the torpedo ladle include desulfurization and desiliconization, which place additional demands on the refractory lining design. These processes involve elevated temperatures, greater mechanical stresses from metal and slag turbulence, and result in more severe chemical attack.

Therefore, VGH offers a range of high-quality refractory solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our customers.