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The Electric Arc Furnace has become one of the most popular and widely used methods of steelmaking over the last several decades. This is due to its many advantages such as its ability to produce a wide range of steel grades and its cost-effective process.

VGH offers various solutions and material mixes to meet our customers individual requirements and to support them in reaching their desired product quality.

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VGH Products

for the Electric Arc Furnace

electric arc furnace
Our product portfolio includes but is not limited to:


  • Bricks for safety lining
  • Bricks for wear lining
  • Hearth ramming mixes


  • Bottom tap bricks
  • Channel and channel end bricks
  • Channel surrounding blocks
  • EBT-filling sand

Other Products

  • Purging plugs
  • Monolithic roof center piece
  • Graphite electrodes

Bricks for EAF Lining
VGH´s refractory brick portfolio holds a great variety of high-quality brick compositions for all areas of the Electric Arc Furnace.

Ramming mixes
VGHs offers a variety of Theramer ramming mixes adaptable to specific customer needs with excellent resistance against mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses.


The Bottom Taphole is an essential part of the EAF lining concept.
Depending on the wear intensity requirements, we can offer materials in different grades to custom fit our customers requirements.

  • Surrounding blocks
  • Channel bricks
  • Channel end bricks

EBT Filling Sand
Taphole sand is a filler compound that does not sinter under steel making temperatures and therefore stays highly flowable. It is used to seal the taphole after tapping in order to prepare the furnace for the next heat.
Our high-quality olivine based taphole sand is optimized for high free-open percentages ensuring safe and efficient operations.

Graphite Electrodes

VGH offers a great variety of graphite electrodes for the EAF in most required sizes and diameters.


  • RP
  • HP
  • UHP
  • SHP