Complete Refractory Solutions


Covering the whole Steel-Making Process


With our metallurgical know-how, we are able to determine exactly which materials are required for your type of steel. This means that our experienced technicians and metallurgists will often research alternative and specific formulas for your needs – allowing you a smoother, more economical and highly improved production.


With regard to refractories, we believe that innovation means: optimally fulfilling technological, metallurgic and economic requirements and, simultaneously, guaranteeing more security, cost efficiency and an improved workflow. Hereby we combine strong partners, time-tested products and development cooperations.

Excerpt from our product portfolio

Various solutions and material mixes for basic oxygen converter and concepts to support our customers.
basic oxygen converter
Hot Metal Transport
Range refractory solutions for Hot Metal Ladle and Torpedo, tailored to the specific requirements of our customers.
Hot Metal Transport
Steel Ladle
Depending on the requirements, we offer both brick linings and monolithic lining designs for the steel ladle.
steel ladle monolithic solution
Various solutions and material mixes to support in reaching desired product quality.
electric arc furnace
VGH's engineers have vast experience in the field of tundish refractory lining.
VGH offers lining concepts and solutions for various types of primary furnaces used non-ferrous metals industries.
teniente converter
Blast Furnace / Cast House
Various solutions and material mixes for various parts of the blast furnace and its cast house.
Blast Furnace & Runners
Flow Control
Specialized refractory products in order to control the flow rate of the molten steel.
Flow Control
RH Degasser
Our refractory materials für RH Degasser are designed to be especially resistant to various stressors.
rh degasser