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RH Degasser

Due to a raising demand of high quality steel products, especially in the field of IF-Steel that is free of interstitial embedded alloy components and ultra low carbon ULC-steel, the RH Degasser has become one of the major technologies in secondary metallurgy.

RH Degasser is a secondary refining system used primarily to remove carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen from steel by injecting oxygen into the circulating liquid steel. The chemistry of the steel is then fine-tuned by adding alloys.

Since several types of intense stressors occur in different parts of the degasser during the process, the right choice of high quality refractory materials is essential for cost-efficient and safe operation.

rh degasser

The requirements for the refractory materials in the RH Degasser are characterized above all by the fact that the material stress varies greatly depending on the area within the system. Depending on its location the major stress factors on the material varies between chemical, mechanical and thermal stresses and also in different intensity levels.

Based on our many years of experience in the field of RH Degasser refractory products, VGH offers its customers refractory concepts with the right mix of components and products that reliably meet their individual requirements.

Our product portfolio includes but is not limited to:


  • Magnesia-Chrome Bricks
  • Fused-Magnesia Bricks
  • Castables
  • Magnesia-Chrome Ramming Mixes
  • Magnesia based Gunning Mixes
  • Alumina based Gunning Mixes
  • Magnesia-Chrome Mortar
  • Fireclay Mortar

Prefabricated Products

  • Snorkels
Brick Lining

VGH refractory bricks are made from high quality raw materials to ensure high performance and long service life. Our RH degasser lining designs are optimized specifically to withstand the varying stresses at different areas during the degassing process.

Prefabricated Snorkels

Time is an essential factor in most industrial processes when it comes to cost-efficient operations. Pre-installed snorkels are therefore an excellent way to optimize the profitability of RH degasser operation and to increase work safety during maintenance and repair.
The refractory materials of our RH snorkels are designed to be especially resistant to various stressors that are particularly strong in this component.