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Blast Furnace / Cast House

VGH offers various solutions and material mixes for various parts of the blast furnace and its cast house.

Through many years of experience in supporting our partners by providing top-quality refractory solutions for the blast furnace and cast house, we always ensure high-end products, reliability and excellent price efficiency.

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VGH Products

for the Blast Furnace

• Castables
• Ramming masses

• Gunning masses
• Shotcrete castables

Blast furnace lining and repair by shotcreting

Blast furnace


  • Upper Stack
  • Middle Stack
  • Lower Stack
  • Belly
  • Bosh


  • Increased campaign duration of the blast furnace
  • Possible robotic installation increases work safety
  • More dense lining structure in comparison to gunning masses
  • No mould needed
  • Less rebound
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VGH Products

for Cast House

VGH offer various solutions and materials for all parts of the cast house.


• Castables for safety lining
• Castables for wear lining
• Pre-casted shapes for safety lining
• Alumino-Silicate insulation plates
• Silicate-Calcium insulation plates

Runner Covers

• Castables
• Insulation material

VGH manufactures castables and masses for runner linings and repair work under its brand Theramer in Germany.


Theramer wear lining materials are designed for

  • Slag resistance
  • Erosion resistance
  • Thermal cycling resistance
  • Crack formation avoidance
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Theramer safety lining materials are designed for

  • Oxidation resistance
  • No crack formation
  • Slag resistance
  • Iron resistance