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At the beginning of the continuous casting process, the tundish plays a crucial role. It is of utmost importance that the right refractory materials, formula and components are used to ensure a successful process and the desired product quality.

VGH’s expertise in this field, our flexible manufacturing processes and customer-oriented, reliable services make us a long-standing partner of many renowned steel plants all over the world.

Product overview

Refractories for the tundish have to master many challenges, such as meeting the different requirements of the various areas while maintaining excellent steel purity right at the first step of the casting process.

Our product portfolio includes but is not limited to:

  • Castables for tundish safety lining
  • Castables for covers lining
  • Gunning mass for working lining
  • Dry mixes for working lining
  • Light-weight gunning mass for insulation lining
  • Insulation plates and blankets
  • Pre-shaped products (Tundish furniture)
  • Anchoring systems
  • Ramming masses
  • Flow-Control System
  • Fluxes
Wear Lining

Dry Mixes

Dry mixes is one of the best solutions for tundish lining due to its great advantages compared to other lining methods. Its easy installation and environmentally friendly and non-toxic material properties make it a cost-effective and popular refractory material.

  • Easy to use and short installation time
  • The material does not need to dry after installation
  • No special heating equipment or gunning machine
  • It does not emit toxic fumes or odors
  • Reduced hydrogen content and other impurities in the dispensed steel
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • Inorganic bonding system
  • Energy saving installation using the residual heat after the steel casting
  • No toxic or hazardous components

Gunning Mixes

In the gunning lining process, the refractory material is installed on the tundish wall using special gunning machinery to obtain a monolithic lining. The process produces a joint-free structure with relatively improved deskulling compared to brick lining.

  • Low risk of Hydrogen pickup
  • Low inventory
  • No-joint structure
  • Less labour intensive
  • Easier and faster installation compared to brick lining
  • Easy removal of skull residues
Safety Lining

Monolithic Lining

Due to their outstanding material properties and the resulting performance, andalusite-based refractory castables are among the most frequently requested safety lining solutions for the tundish.
These castables are extremely resistant to thermal shock and can withstand more than 200 thermal cycles (1300° – water). This results in an extended service life of over 1000 melts. In addition, its high strength protects the safety lining from cracking and other destructions during maintenance and repair of the wear lining. Also, its relatively low thermal conductivity compared to bauxite-based castables results in low case temperatures and reduces heat loss.

  • Increased campaign duration
  • Reduced waste
  • Installation does not require highly qualified personnel
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Reduced specific consumption of the refractory material
  • Reduced specific cost of steel production
Tundish Furniture

Tundish furniture are a selection of parts and shapes that are used to improve the purity of molten steel, prevent short-circuiting, promote thermal and chemical homogeneity and maximize steel yield.

VGH offers a variety of high-quality Tundish Furniture:

  • Ramming masses for installation
  • Wellblock
  • Dam
  • Weir
  • Impact Pads