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Who we are

VGH Group

VGH Group is a global supplier and manufacturer of high quality refractory products. We offer full service solutions as well as individual products to our industrial customers all around the globe. Steel and other metallic materials remain the most important group of all construction and engineering materials worldwide. Its areas of application are constantly expanding, which requires new solutions and continuous improvements from manufacturers.

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What We Offer

Our Services

We are known for our commitment to always meet our customers' individual requirements, and therefore offer highly customized solutions that promote operational and cost efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.

Quality made in Germany – and the very best performance at all times. For we make your steel our business – a deceptively simple philosophy that we have been following right from our beginning.


With our metallurgical know-how, we are able to determine exactly which materials are required for your type of steel.


From planning and delivery of integrated technologies through a well-researched analysis to metallurgical expertise.


VGH manufactures and delivers products and solutions from Western Europe to different parts of the world.


Just-in-time deliveries and the timely supply and flow of materials are essential factors in the steel-making process.


Control finished products and develop new refractory materials which meet the particular performance requirements.


The primary goal of the Quality Policy is to ensure faultless realization of our clients’ needs.

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Our Product Line

VGH creates complete concepts in terms of refractories, casting fluxes, service, equipment, machines and accessories. Our comprehensive range includes products that meet every steelworks’ needs – and our specific product segments sensibly supplement this range.

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