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For our clients, we have several irons in the fire

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VGH creates complete concepts in terms of refractories, casting fluxes, service, equipment, machines and accessories. Our comprehensive range includes products that meet every steelworks’ needs – and our specific product segments sensibly supplement this range. Those who are familiar with us know about our immense portfolio – and our fundamental knowledge of the steel production industry. For this reason, from the very beginning we have placed great value on the highest obtainable quality and the greatest possible efficiency in all of the products we sell.

With regard to refractories, we believe that innovation means: optimally fulfilling technological, metallurgic and economic requirements and, simultaneously, guaranteeing more security, cost efficiency and an improved workflow. Hereby we combine strong partners, time-tested products and also innovative research and development cooperations.

With our metallurgical know-how, we are able to determine exactly which materials are required for your type of steel. This means that our experienced technicians and metallurgists will often research alternative and specific formulas for your needs – allowing you a smoother, more economical and highly improved production.

The ideal product for every need:

  • Break-out machines
  • Brick and monolithic refractory lining
  • Casting fluxes
  • Covering compounds and metallurgical slags
  • Gas purging systems
  • High-temperature insulation materials
  • Injection systems
  • Mixers, vibrators and templates
  • Our own “Theramer” refractory line
  • Preheating and drying systems
  • Refractory repair systems
  • Sliding gate valves and sliding plates
  • Stoking and deslagging machines
  • Taphole clays for blast furnace plants
  • Taphole fillers for EBT and ladle sliding gate systems
  • Unshaped and prefabricated refractories


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