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Those that play with fire require security

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VGH stands for secure planning – in more than one respect. This makes us a reliable partner for the steel industry. And a first-rate solution supplier.

Our special strength is flexibility. In the shortest time possible, we fulfil your specific requirements. That means no delivery bottlenecks, no production downtime, no costly warehousing. In other words, quality delivered right on time.

Our goal is to increase your production to secure you an optimal positioning on the world market. For this reason, we not only back a collaborative partnership and constructive dialogue with our clients, but also a close and fair cooperation with our contractors.

VGH offers you security in terms of:

  • Logistics: punctual and reliable deliveries – lower storage costs, no machine shutdowns.
  • Production: faster from the bid phase all the way to delivery and implementation of the new components and machines – significantly less production downtime.
  • Independence: as an independent business enterprise, we work with many partners – offering you the advantage of flexibility in view of product selection and speed.
  • Pricing: with our one-year contracts, our prices always remain constant for you – even if our procurement prices should increase sharply.


Secure Planning

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