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Quality Management System

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VGH has introduced Quality Management System according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 in order to implement its guidelines and achieve its goals.

Quality Management System has been approved by the company management and is obligatory for all departments and staff. Key principles of the present policy are regularly checked on conformity and suitability and are updated according to the operating conditions and new goals of the company.

Careful planning and implementation of the policy requirements enable VGH to provide reliability and high quality of its everyday work in the field of refractory materials and accessory equipment supply for metallurgical industry.

Application of Quality Management System according to the DIN ISO 9001 strengthens company’s position on the international market and guarantees its stable functioning.

The primary goal of the Quality Policy is to ensure faultless realization of our clients’ needs.

To achieve this goal we are constantly increasing requirements efficiency of the present system by means of:

  • Multipurpose business activity
  • Quick reaction ability to the clients’ desires
  • Solution operability of emerging problems
  • Conscientious responsible approach to the quality requirements
  • Information exchange improvement
  • Early detection of deviations from the accepted standards
  • Committed error source identification
  • Consecutive error elimination
  • Prevention of error emergence in similar situations
  • Compliance with formal, statute-established requirements
  • Search for new ways of Quality Management System improvement
  • In other words, constant improvement of Quality Management System

Implementation of the present goal depends on the working quality of the whole staff, on the coordination of efforts, experience, knowledge and ideas of the whole company. That is why company management sets a high value on the fact that the staff takes an active part in the Quality Management System improvement.


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