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Continuity and innovation are two pillars of our success

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Today VGH Viktoria Garten Hüttenindustriebedarf GmbH has a unique standing in the market. VGH is recognized in many renowned steel works around the world as a reliable partner for an especially wide range of products and solutions and for our expertise in consultancy and logistical services.

Reflecting on VGH’s development over the past quarter-century, two nouns spring to mind, which for me best describe the evolution and success of VGH. Continuity and innovation.

Your Steel, Our ProfessionThe word continuity describes an important trait of our company.It stands for our reliability, our long-standing relationships, our steady growth over the past years, and the growing number of international clients. Our continuous commitment to our partners is one of the pillars of our success.

Innovation is our daily business. By this, I refer not only to VGH’s refractory products and solutions but to the whole package of our concepts – right down to pricing and last but not least logistics. These areas never become routine and are constantly reviewed to ensure we can claim the competitive edge with our products, services and prices.

We have a very strong team of employees who are very focused on helping us achieve our goals. Whether in Sales, Engineering, R&D or Logistics, everyone at VGH contributes to moving our concept of complete refractory solutions forward, to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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